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Jørgensen™ is a diversified business covering the entire value chain, from origination to distribution. Founded in 1984 as a coffee trading company, Jørgensen™  has grown to become a trusted leading producer, processor and marketer of commodities. 

The family business was established in 1984 in the city of Miami, Florida, U.S.A..  Inspired by his cousin, a former President of the renowned IBC - Brazilian Coffee Institute, the founder moved its small coffee trading firm from Brazil to Miami, in search of better business opportunities.  With the emergence of Russia, as a new market in the early nineties, the firm took advantage and established itself as one of the main merchants of instant coffee in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In partnership with one of the world’s biggest green coffee exporters, Irmãos Ribeiro,  our Company’s founder has been credited with having nearly cornered the coffee market in Russia during this period.  The company was also one of the pioneer exporters of Brazilian instant coffee to Asia when it started selling to the leading Korean Department Store “Lotte” in 2001.  

Today the company sources, processes, handles and markets commodities, with a focus on the procurement and sales of a diverse range of agricultural commodities and derivatives. Our suppliers count on us to market their products competitively worldwide, whilst our customers rely on us to source the right products with the best value. We have expertise to source and sell worldwide.

The products we produce, process and market play an essential role in every day’s life. From coffee and sugar, to frozen protein products, we trade worldwide, and with some products, we process and brand them for end customers and supermarket shelves. 

Jørgensen™ is a privately held limited liability company owned by its senior management with over 25 years of experience. 

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