About Us


Our story starts during the nineteen eighties, when our commodity trading company moved its coffee operation from Brazil to Miami, Florida in search of better business opportunities.

In 2003 Jorgensen Foods™ was founded as a spin-off from the coffee trading firm. For almost two decades, Jørgensen™ has provided customers with the highest quality products and world class service.

From its humble beginnings, Jørgensen™ has grown over the years to find new ways to help feed the world. In 2007 the company acquired Haas Commodities SARL from Monaco and since then has developed a strong presence in Europe also assisting Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia importers with their needs.

We offer a wide range of premium frozen proteins (poultry,pork and beef products), and agricultural commodities and derivatives, i.e. sugar, coffee and wine & spirits that meet the unique needs of our customers. From frozen proteins products to coffee Jørgensen™ provides a comprehensive offering of quality and value.

With many years of experience, Jørgensen Foods™ is a one-stop resource for the highest quality sugar, coffee, frozen foods products, as well as wine & spirits from all over the world.